How we started

The EFKS Porirua Church (EPC) back in 1994 mandated  to start a Home Care Service to support the working families of PEC with children. A safe homely place where the children are looked after with care and love while their parents are away working.


The Mafutaga a Tina volunteered to administer, and parents were encouraged to utilise the opportunity. Several mothers volunteered their time, energies and money driven only by genuine desires to help families and their children.


Funded through congregational donations it ballooned overnight into a viable successful Church offering.


For three years it remained a Home Care Service run on a temporary basis from one corner of the church hall. Invariably growing demand dictated the need for suitable permanent arrangement.


Thus began concerted planning, workshops, development and eventually the birth of the fully fledged registered Early Child Education organisation known today as AAPE.

Mission Statement

"We offer the best Samoan language service whereby all children, parents, guardians and families enjoy a safe learning environment where laughter, love, caring and optimism for a better tomorrow is nurtured and encouraged."

Vision Statement

Vision Statement

We envision our children to grow and develop into successful:

  • Samoan Parents
  • Law abiding citizens of New Zealand
  • Educated and Intelligent individuals
  • Well balanced people physically, spiritually, emotionally and culturally
  • Socially and environmentally responsible people

We believe that

  • Every child has inherent worth and every child can learn and achieve
  • Children are different and therefore must be treated differently
  • Appreciation of individuality and diversity is an important life skill
  • Learning is a lifelong process and Self-esteem affects everyday living
  • We cannot be all things to all people
  • Our community values education, training and health
  • Parents and Family involvement is a vital component in the childs learning process
  • To get anywhere requires innovation, risk-taking and the ability to lead and manage change
  • A positive and supportive environment is essential to the quality of learning and service process
  • Physical, mental and spiritual well-being of children, parents/caregivers and all people are essential for a healthy home environment and community
  • Open and timely communication builds a healthy relationship and community partnership

Quality Vision

The fundamental and far-reaching changes to our childrens and peoples lives generated by demands of a modern society cannot remain external to the work of AAPE. They call for the same degree of challenge, questioning and re-thinking of working practices within AAPE itself.

The commitment to integrated and holistic principles reflected in the design of AAPEs learning and service mix need also to stand true for the internal working environment of AAPE organisation from the Board to the staff.

AAPE is stepping up to a new challenge the challenge of being a "high performer and a leader" in development and implementation of effective delivery of learning and service mix with a major emphasis on improving quality. In this context AAPE is striving to consciously foster a learning and compassionate culture where everyone, internally and externally support, accept, share and contribute to the vision of AAPE.

To pursue its vision AAPE has committed itself to:

  • Excellence, efficiency and effectiveness harnessing the full potential of its staff, Board members, church community, parents/caregivers, families and volunteering people.
  • Innovation, quality and speed of delivery a focus on the children
  • Staff development and quality management staff and Board

And in terms of a children focus, which include all stakeholders learners, parents, caregivers, families and society as a whole there is commitment to:

  • Creativity, responsiveness and flexibility
  • Consultation, partnerships, meeting children needs, future oriented and links with national and international developments.
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